Coastal Source Line Source and FLEX Niche

Coastal Source Line Source and FLEX Niche

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Are you ready for the highest fidelity, highest volume, and highest performance? A true outdoor marvel has arrived from Coastal Source. The Line Source is available now for pre-order.

The newly expanded FLEX Niche series offers industry-leading lighting solutions for clients desiring the ambiance, safety and security-enhanced by reliable outdoor lighting.

Coastal Source Line Source Bollards

Bring a symphony outside with the new standard for outdoor audio. Capable of unparalleled performance with a superior experience over massive listening areas.

This patent-pending ground plane Line Source speaker takes full advantage of line array technology for high SPL & fidelity over very long distances.

Form follows function in this beautiful speaker design. It utilizes patent-pending variable waveguide technology to further enhance typical line array performance with constant coverage of near-field, mid-field, and far-field listening areas.

The integrated high-power bandpass subwoofer fills out the full frequency range. Its incredible efficiency is matched with 1,000W power handling to make this speaker a true outdoor marvel.

Coastal Source FLEX Niche

FLEX Niche is intended for easy customization using the line’s various components helping you meet the needs of your project. Micro-sized and easy to conceal, FLEX Niche fixtures cast high-powered, focused lighting without ever giving away their location.

Our most popular combinations are now available as preassembled fixtures. Ready to install, right out of the box. FLEX Niche fixtures stand out by never being noticed at all.

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