StormAudio releases Firmware 4.1r1 unlocking DTS:X Pro Decoding

StormAudio releases Firmware 4.1r1 unlocking DTS:X Pro Decoding

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StormAudio and DTS worked hard to finalize the DTS:X Pro certification. Now completed, all MK2 processors will benefit from both DTS:X Pro and Dolby Atmos decoding and upmixing up to 24ch.

Additionally, they have enhanced the object rendering capability to support more Side Surround speakers (named Surround 1 and Surround 2) providing optimal spatial resolution for theaters with multiple rows of seats, making the ISP MK2 the most accurate processor on the market, reproducing as close as possible the original artistic intent, for the best experience in any position within any room.

4.1r1 also marks a major step forward with the release of their in-house designed and totally revamped Expert Bass Management mode, offering the possibility to create up to 6 bass extraction routes that can be assigned to any of the bass reproducers, whether subwoofer or capable speakers, giving a selective and flexible approach to the bass reproduction in the home theater.

As with any new firmware, 4.1r1 comes with additional subtle enhancements: per channel Analog or Digital mode selection will be available to ensure we always optimize the output performance, some enhancements of the eARC to support new TVs coming in the market, and some bug fixes.

Where to download?

The firmware package can be downloaded from the password-protected client portal on our StormAudio website, under Firmware and Downloads.

The private portal is available for distributors, dealers, and installers only.