Sony Rolls Out 2024 BRAVIA TV and Home Theater Lineup

Sony Rolls Out 2024 BRAVIA TV and Home Theater Lineup

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The latest 2024 BRAVIA TV lineup introduces a range of cutting-edge models, such as the flagship BRAVIA 9 featuring an enhanced mini-LED backlight system, the BRAVIA 8 WOLED 4K TV series, the BRAVIA 7 4K UHD mini-LED LCD line, and the BRAVIA 3 Direct-LED 4K UHD LCD series. Complementing these TVs is the new BRAVIA Theater audio lineup, which offers four innovative BRAVIA Theater Sound-for-TV options. This comprehensive lineup reinforces Sony’s new theme “Cinema is Coming Home” and ensures a premium viewing and listening experience for everyone.

  • 2024 BRAVIA TVs will support the first-ever Amazon Prime Calibrated Mode
  • BRAVIA 9 models leverage new algorithms for the advanced AI processing to replicate as closely as possible the picture quality of the Sony pro 4K HDR production monitor (BVM-HX3110).
  • The Bar 9 uses new high-performance drivers with support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 360-degree surround-sound platforms.

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📌 4K Mini-LED
📌 XR Backlight Master Drive
📌 High Peak Luminance
📌 X-Anti Reflection/ X-Wide Angle
📌 85”/75”/65”

📌 31% thinner than A80L
📌 29% bezel reduction

📌 4K Mini-LED
📌 XR Backlight Master Drive
📌 85”/75”/65”/55”

📌 4K LED
📌 4K X1 HDR Processor
📌 Trilumunos Pro
📌 85”/75”/65”/55”/50”/43”

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