Monitor Audio redefines Custom Installation with NEW Creator Series

Monitor Audio redefines Custom Installation with NEW Creator Series

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Creator Series is a new range of in-ceiling and in-wall models that feature advanced acoustic technologies and smart installer features segmented into a simple, innovative tiered approach to range classification that offers high-performance sound for customers and flexible system creation for installers.

The Creator Series features 19 models (14 in-ceiling and 5 in-wall) arranged in three clearly defined tiers, each of which offers enhanced performance levels and additional functionality over the preceding tier. Streamlined and enhanced technologies, naming, applications and solutions, make the whole process of product selection much more straightforward for the integrator.


Highlights of the range

Quik-Link – This patented design allows the installer to remove the terminal block from the physical speaker and pre-terminate the speaker cables to it. Once the speaker is ready to be fitted within its cut-out, the Quik-Link can be offered up to the connection point on the speaker and magnetically snaps and locks into place.

New Driver Technology – Driver technology has also been carefully configured within each Tier from C-CAM tweeters and mid-bass drivers (Tier 1), RST II mid-range and bass drivers (Tier 2), and RST II mid-range drivers and RDT III bass drivers (Tier 3). The Tier 3 in-wall model also boasts an MPD II transducer based on the THX Certified Ultra, Cinergy home cinema series.

Increased Driver Sizes – Across medium and large in-ceiling speaker sizes, the overall cut-out sizes have remained the same as previous models yet the driver size has increased from 6.5” to 7” and from 8” to 9” inch drivers – pushing for greater high-fidelity performance.

Built-In Back Boxes – Featured with 4 Controlled Performance models in the range which deliver hassle-free installation and controllable sound, even in the trickiest of applications.

Simple Cut-out Sizes – For In-ceiling models, there are only three clearly defined cut-out sizes across all 14 models: small (5”), medium (7”) and large (9”). The 5 in-wall models feature the same ‘medium’ cut-out size & sit between existing small and large models.

New Enhanced T2X model – the new T2X combines the previous generation’s ‘T2’ and ‘FX’ to bring all the qualities of each into one highly versatile speaker that can be used in ‘cinema mono FX’, ‘mono wide dispersion’ and ‘single stereo’ modes.

Tri-Grip II – An evolution of the dog-leg mechanism that is considerably stronger and more reliable than the previous generation.


Creator Series Features

  • New innovative, patented Quik-Link terminal revolutionizes speed of installation.
  • Tri-Grip II makes both speaker placement and extraction simpler.
  • Simple, tier-based approach for each of specification.
  • Three clearly defined in-ceiling cut-out sizes – small (5”), medium (7”) and large (9”).
  • All new in-wall models satisfy ‘medium’ cut-out size & sits between existing small and large models.
  • 2nd generation MPD II high-frequency transducers in Tier 3 models reduces distortion, flattens frequency response and leads to wider, cleaner more consistent and lifelike sound.
  • Rigid Diaphragm Technology III (RDT III) cones produce piston-like control even under the most extreme performance, providing a more precise, lifelike tonal balance and lower distortion.
  • Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) significantly increases cone rigidity for excellent directivity in all conditions.
  • Carefully engineered crossovers produced to ensure the most exact and controlled sound performance across full frequency spectrum.
  • Inverted Dual Concentric II (IDC II) mid-pod array (Tier 3) for wider soundstage.