Monitor Audio Platinum Series 3G Available Now!

Monitor Audio Platinum Series 3G Available Now!

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Platinum Series 3G launches within Monitor Audio’s 50th Anniversary year, and they have channeled all those decades of expertise into its development. The series builds on Monitor Audio’s stated vision of bringing the listener closer to sonic and visual perfection, cementing Platinum Series 3G as true objects of desire; a visceral experience for the ears as well as the eyes, the range deepens the emotional connection between the listener and the art of music.

Platinum 3G Features

  • 3rd generation MPD III high-frequency transducers reduce distortion, flatten frequency response and lead to wider, cleaner more consistent, and lifelike sound.
  • RDT III cone produces piston-like control even with the most extreme performances, providing a more precise, lifelike tonal balance and lower distortion.
  • Newly optimized mid-range drivers ensure a completely smooth frequency transition with the tweeter – ideal for AV/Theatre applications.
  • Upgraded bass drivers feature large-diameter edge-wound underhung voice-coils, therefore creating exceptional power-handling, wider dynamic range, and greater control resulting in impressive levels of tight, impactful bass.
  • Carefully engineered crossovers ensure the most exact and controlled sound performance across the full frequency spectrum.
  • Advanced cabinet design ensures a total acoustic eco-system that works in harmony to deliver comprehensive and accurate delivery of lifelike sound.

Four models are available in three luxury finishes: Piano Black, Piano Ebony, and Pure Satin White.

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