Monitor Audio FIX-M Speaker Mount

Monitor Audio FIX-M Speaker Mount

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Monitor Audio’s new FIX-M Speaker Mount is engineered to provide a secure wall mount solution for Monitor Audio’s middleweight speakers and other speakers with the 1/4″ 20 TPI UNC thread.

Available in black and white finishes, FIX-M’s clever design enables loudspeakers to be positioned in a choice of orientation and at matching angles to ensure perfect sound dispersion. By selecting an angle of 0, 15, or 30 degrees from the center – using the included choice of two stainless steel insert bar sizes (short and long) – and then rotating the front section of the speaker mount, up to 14 different positions can be created.

A hexagonal plate behind the front of the speaker mount slots into the set positions and a secure installation is completed by inserting a snap-fit clip into the top of the speaker mount.

FIX-M Resources

Download FIX-M images HERE

Watch the installation video:

Compatible Products

FIX-M has been designed for use with the following Monitor Audio speakers:

  • Bronze 50
  • Monitor 50

FIX-M is also compatible with Monitor Audio’s:

  • Bronze 1 (5G)
  • Radius 90
  • Radius 45
  • MASS Satellite


  • Die-cast aluminum mount, matte painted and textured.
  • Plastic-free packaging: cardboard outer and hessian component bags.

Cable Management

To ensure the neatest possible fitting, cabling to the speaker can be run through one of the FIX-M’s unused angle holes – either through the wall directly behind the speaker mount or through the speaker mount’s installation slots.

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