Coastal Source Launches New Products at Kennedy Space Center and Lightapalooza

Coastal Source Launches New Products at Kennedy Space Center and Lightapalooza

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Coastal Source showcased the first Ketra-compatible outdoor light fixture, the Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light, and its new EVO Lighting Series of modular fixtures during Lightapalooza 2024. Also, the second generation Bollard 1000 was introduced during the special Kennedy Space Center launch event the week before.

The EVO Lighting Series was on display in the Lightapalooza booth, and Pete Sepsi, director of sales, conducted the training session “The Future of Outdoor Lighting” that went over the highlights of the Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light and EVO Lighting Series.

Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light

The UL-approved 120VAC Ketra Ready fixture was developed in collaboration with Lutron, the maker of Ketra lamps. The commercial-grade solid brass fixture is designed to use the Ketra full-spectrum E26 or E25 S30 LED lamp to bring the highest quality light to any outdoor space. (Note: The Ketra lamp needs to be purchased through the Ketra Qualified Dealer network.)

With app-based control of each lamp’s color temperature from 1,400K to 10,000K and brightness up to 1050 lumens, lighting designers can provide clients with customizable and controllable outdoor experiences.

EVO Lighting Series

The modular EVO Lighting Series combines improved design aesthetics with an extensive selection of forms and customizations to optimally light any outdoor area. The custom-designed integrated LED light module is 50% smaller than a traditional MR16 fixture but has a higher lumen output and a wider beam angle than the much larger MR16.

With a selection of newly designed shrouds, hats, lenses, finishes, and accessories, lighting designers and integrators can customize hundreds of unique fixtures to address myriad applications and requests.  Also, Coastal Source introduces six unique LED modules in the EVO Lighting Series: directional, 360-degree fixtures, and a tunable white module controlled by a custom app.

Bollard 1000

It had been a long time coming for Coastal to reimagine its standard-setting 10.0 Bollard Series, but its second-generation Bollard 1000 Series appears to be worth the wait. The new speakers feature improved power handling, clarity, and tonal accuracy, the company notes, while maintaining stellar bass response in two styles of sealed enclosures.

“What we did is now the shape of the speaker is an oval front to back. It’s still the same width as our 10.0 Bollard line, but the 1000 Series now adds about 33% more cabinet volume,” explains Adam Domurad, a former integrator who is now a sales & marketing specialist for Coastal Source.

“So, we have more sound quality, we have better volume if you want. It’s also a stronger speaker too, because on the inside of the speaker we have a sealed conduit that the drivers are connected to – the woofer is four 6.5-inch woofers all up against that conduit – so we dissipate heat that way and we add a lot of rigidity to the speaker, which is always a good thing.”

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