AV Pro | MXNet 1-Day Certification

AV Pro | MXNet 1-Day Certification

22febAll DayAV Pro | MXNet 1-Day CertificationRegister Now: https://forms.zohopublic.com/avproglobalhldgs/form/MXnetTrainingatByDesignFebruary20232024/formperma/2xVQAygketT1a2uo-H5GWBVMp0awBxGnRLlEPGHpoBQ

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The MXNet 1 Day certification will be held in Los Angeles. As an AVIXA-accredited class, MXnet Academy, led by experts from AVPro Edge, provides a comprehensive, one-day learning experience. This workshop dives deeply into the technical aspects of the MXnet ecosystem, covering subjects such as AV signal flow, precision network switch configuration, and advanced system programming using the Mentor interface. Participants gain practical insight focusing on technical proficiency, ensuring seamless integration.


All Day (Thursday)


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