Sony’s Powerful Video Processing Delivers A Better HDR Picture

Sony’s Powerful Video Processing Delivers A Better HDR Picture

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Manufacturers like Sony also use these powerful video processors in their home theater projectors for dynamic analysis and HDR content tone mapping. The X1 processor powers a new feature called Dynamic HDR Enhancer that combines scene by scene HDR tone mapping with a dynamic iris and precisely modulated laser light source to deliver a massive improvement in HDR reproduction. The lamp-based Sony VPL-VW715ES uses the same X1 processor so also benefits from Dynamic HDR Enhancer.

During my review, I took several photos of the new VW715ES and the predecessor model VW695ES side by side on the same screen. As you can see from the image above, Dynamic HDR Enhancer powered by the X1 processor makes a noticeable improvement in the HDR performance of the VW715ES compared to the previous Sony projector. While it is difficult to capture all the differences in a photo, you can see that the newer model has brighter HDR content, more vibrant color, and deeper black levels, while still maintaining brighter highlight detail.

Today’s projectors just don’t have enough brightness or color volume to accurately reproduce all the information in HDR content. So, how does a projector manufacturer cram the most color and brightness possible into a projector’s more limited capability? It is my continued belief that dynamic tone mapping is essential to extract the maximum image quality from HDR10 content.

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