Savant Smart Audio WiSA Soundbar System

Savant Smart Audio WiSA Soundbar System


Savant’s Smart Audio Wireless Soundbar system is endowed with capabilities that go far beyond your everyday soundbar. In addition to delivering audiophile sound quality with movies and music, the system can be controlled via a smartphone app and doubles as a gateway to the company’s respected home automation platform, enabling centralized control over a multitude of smart devices and even a whole house audio setup. More to the point, the system incorporates audio technology developed by Cary Christie, co-founder of the legendary speaker brand Infinity Systems, and employs the high-resolution WiSA (Wireless Speaker & Audio) protocol to link Savant’s wall-mountable Soundbar 55 with WiSA Surround Speakers, and the super-compact WiSA Nano Subwoofer without you having to run signal wires between them (a power cord is required for each speaker). Characterizing music playback (without the surrounds) as “effortlessly smooth,” reviewer Rob Sabin described what he heard while watching the surround-sound masterpiece Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol “as immersive and natural as I’ve ever heard it (short of full Dolby Atmos rendering)” with an impactful bottom end courtesy of the physics-defying Nano.


Superb sonics
WiSA wireless connection for surrounds and sub
Integrated Savant automation platform
Control via app or included touchscreen remote

No Dolby Pro Logic or other stereo surround mode
No HDMI-ARC connectivity
No processing for lossless surround formats

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