Savant 9.4 Release and What’s New

Savant 9.4 Release and What’s New

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The new hardware and software features of Savant’s da Vinci 9.4 release are now available.

The Savant Music Experience

Check out the next generation of the Savant Music Experience, with personalized dashboards, recently played carousels, and Spotify Connect integration. It has never been this easy to play music in any room, in every room. Deep dive on the new Default Rooms and Spotify Endpoints features that instantly spark up the desired zones in the house via AirPlay and Spotify Connect.

IP Audio WiSA Bridge

Savant’s IP Audio WiSA Bridge is essential for extending the Savant Music experience using the high-resolution wireless audio standard, WiSA. Not only does this allow you to create an entire zone of wireless audio up to a 2.2 configuration, but it is also the perfect way to accent any zone of audio with a wireless subwoofer (or two) and locate them where they will have the greatest impact.

Lighting & Shades Manager

With the release of da Vinci 9.4, Racepoint Blueprint supports the onboarding and programming of both your Savant Lighting and Shades in the new Lighting and Shades Manager. This simplifies the deployment process of Savant Shades, especially when it comes to directly programming shade control on Savant keypads.

Security Service Re-launch

Completely redesigned for da Vinci 9.4, the new Security Service incorporates a much more intuitive and informative user experience that can be customized for the exact operation of your client’s security system. Savant’s new Smart PIN interface, customizable status and button names, support for multiple arming modes and partitions, and notifications for the client are exciting new ways to personalize the security experience.

Savant Door Entry Solutions

Explore the various Door Entry solutions available for your Savant clients, including options from 2N and RingX. **Ring Integration requires da Vinci 9.4.

Learn more at the Savant University da Vinci 9.4 Online Education or Savant Pro ReadMe.