Future Automation: Hidden Wonders

Future Automation: Hidden Wonders


This was the biggest part of the project, and living in a penthouse apartment, it certainly came with its challenges, as Malmgren recalls: “An unusual part of the project for us was to be installing a 75-in TV hinged lift in someone’s living room with a price tag of around €35,000. It was too big to fit in the elevator, so a crane was hired to get it into the flat. What’s more, serious work had to be done in order for the ceiling to support the 225 kg TV lift. A steel bar had to be installed which was a big job. The neighbours were not always happy!”

Fremlab installed the TV lift into the ceiling in the open-plan living area downstairs. The mechanism they had chosen allowed the TV to swivel to three different positions so that they can watch TV from the kitchen, the dining table or the sofa. When not in use, the 75-in TV folds up into the ceiling, hidden away to save space.

Another Future Automation TV lift was used in the master bedroom, the time lifting the TV out from the bottom of the bed. When not in use, it lowers down into the foot of the bed so it is not on show and views of the harbour can be seen again.

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