Hands-On: Access Networks Core Systems the Foundation of Modern Home

Hands-On: Access Networks Core Systems the Foundation of Modern Home

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Bob Archer discusses how a robust home network can support work from home activities, remote learning and more in his review of the Access Networks Core2 system. In the excerpt below, he goes into detail on upgrading from a “Kia” to a “Ferrari” network.


Over the past several years Access Networks has steadily gained momentum in the custom installation market as dealers have demanded more from the network solutions.

In 2020 the appetite for Access Networks has reached a new level.

Fueled by the world’s need to cocoon at home due to COVID-19, millions of people have discovered their home networks and Internet can’t support even the most mundane activities. Integrators through Access Networks have responded by offering customized and preconfigured Access Networks system solutions, which for the sake of simplicity is the equivalent of a Ferrari in a field of Kia and Hyundais.

Upgrading my “Kia” network, which I will point out, ran reliably with no issues, Access Networks and Audio Innovations, a Boston-based custom integration company, installed an Access Networks’ Core2 system in my home. The Core2 system now serves as the backbone for a newly installed Crestron Home system, as well as my kids’ remote learning and streaming activities, my wife’s Internet browsing and streaming, and my work and streaming activities.

Smaller details that may be hard to quantify I think are benefitting from the Access Networks Core2 system too.

For example, over Labor Day weekend, we made the in-app purchase of Disney+’s “Mulan” movie. Having Sony’s brand new VPL-VW915ES projector in my home for another review, I think the Access Networks system helped me fully realize the Disney’s 4K with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision stream. The movie looked unbelievable with the Sony projector and I fully believe some of that excellent picture was due to the Core2 system’s ability to support faster, more consistent streaming bit rates.

Another part of the system that’s come in handy is the guest network that Matt created for me. Having a small family gathering (we complied to local COVID rules) I was able to put family members who asked for Internet access onto the guest network to minimize the traffic on our network.

I think the biggest compliment I can say about the Core2 system is the fact that I am no longer checking the system to make sure it’s Okay.  A network is an absolute, must-have solution in a home, but not all networks are created the same.

Access Networks’ Core2 system has instantly become the bedrock of technology in my home. Out of curiosity when I do check the network just to celebrate in the giddiness of having an Access Networks Core system, I find it consistently delivering similar numbers to the figures I stated earlier.

In a way kind of pains me to say this as an “AV guy” at heart, but the single most important purchase in today’s smart home world is a home network. As much as I love audio and cool projectors like the Sony I mentioned, it is easy to see that in today’s world it comes down to the fact that because not all network systems are created equal, choosing the right network partner is the most important thing integrators can do for their clients.

Based on my experience with various network products at a range of levels from retail to custom installation, I think there’s only one choice an integrator can make right now to fully realize their clients’ present and future needs. That network partner is Access Networks.

CE Pro Verdict


  • Access Networks ships its Core Systems preconfigured for each individual installation
  • Access Networks support aids dealers in the event of a setup or configuration issue
  • Core systems maximize homeowners’ Internet plans to reliably deliver the speeds they are paying for with their respective service providers


  • There is no “con” with Access Networks. A Ferrari costs more than a Kia for a reason. Access Networks requires a bigger investment than a standard ISP router or big-box system of routers and network extenders, but its systems are worth the long-term investment.

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